2010 Dylan Tandem Action

Here is the latest action from Dylan and Kevin. Dylan now has his own bar which is making it easier for us to get some great jumps. Now he's hooked on jumping and nice glassy conditions. He hates the chop on big windy days but loves the 12 meter kites and big floaty jumps. Check out this little video from 4/18/2010 at Kanaha, Maui, Hawai'i.


2010 Dylan Tandem Action from Kevin Collins on Vimeo.


Dylan & Kevin Tandem

Wow, Thanks to everyone who viewed the video when I just put up for family and friends. Word spread I guess. 

 The video is now on YouTube.

 You can watch it here.


The youngest kitesurfer in the world in action. Dylan Collins may not be controlling the kite but he's hangin' on for dear life. We've got to get the boy a smaller helmet, that will help with the bobble head. He has also requested some foot straps so he doesn't fly off board when we jump the big wave's and bash the lip.




Kevin and Dylan


I've been experimenting with the new GoPro Surf Hero camera with 170° field of view.

 This camera is great. You can buy one here at this link http://www.goprocamera.com/index9.htm

 Check out the video and let me know what you think.





Maui Kitesurfing Clinic

Come to Hawai'i in April for the first ever Kite Hawaii Wave Clinic. Maui offers consistent trades and good sized swells that will test your skills, endurance and wave knowledge . If you're new to kitesurfing in the waves don't miss this opportunity to learn from seasoned pros who have experienced a huge variety of situations in the waves and want to give you all the help you need to go down the line and hit the lip and have have fun.

If you are interested in Kite Hawaii Wave Clinic please contact us via email or call Kevin at 808-283-3578 to discuss your needs.


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